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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
Sprite Rip: Leafy Sprout by a-good-boy Kit, a.k.a, The Snek Bud~ Sprite Rip: Leafy Sprout by a-good-boy

(Icon by :iconsrgrafo:)

My name is Kit, or you can call me ░░░░░░. (New username in the works)
I'm into drawing, music, video games, animals, character creation, and animation in general. I'm a complete dork for a lot of concepts such as the paranormal, monsters, or just flat-out weird stuff as well~
In full honesty I tend to drop in and out of conversations without fully realizing it, so if I do happen to somehow ignore you or blank out of nowhere, I apologize greatly.

I hope you enjoy my art! Whether or not it's a big piece or a little doodle, any view, favorite, or comment is highly appreciated. <33
I'd love to start a career in animation someday, but that's a goal far from being achieved yet-

I'm usually quiet, and at some periods I do take some time away from dA to control myself from breaking or lashing out at others. I'm not incredibly emotionally stable at the moment, so please understand that I still am human and I do need time to better myself. óvò
But other than those periods, I try to be as active as I can on here and create as much as I can.

If you've made it all the way down here, I thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.
Have a lovely day, and I hope you enjoy my art~

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:leaf: by ebonred :leaf: by ebonred :leaf: by ebonred :leaf: by ebonred :leaf: by ebonred :leaf: by ebonred

❤ Snakes
❤ Drawing
❤ Urban Legends
❤ Music
❤ Youtube/Youtubers
❤ Doggos
❤ Mint Choco Chip Ice Cream

✘ Loud Sounds
✘ Pills
✘ Soda
✘ Fighting/Conflict



I have four pages of Glysterine done already. It's of the prologue, and I have quite more pages to go, depending on size and more.
I just need to add text and it'll be completely finished-

Now, I was planning to send out the pages for the prologue sequentially when they'd be all done, but at this point that's not gonna happen for a bit
So I really need your feedback for this one:

Do you guys want me to send out the completed comics and set a schedule for Glysterine for the non-completed pages?
Or, would you still like me to wait and send them out consecutively once they're all finished?

To give some specifics, if I do the first option, I'd release the finished comics one per day, but the non-finished ones would probably take a week-or-so to complete and it would be one per week.
But if I wait, when they're all finished it'll be one comic per day. The only problem is time; I'm gonna need quite a lot of it-

Thank you for reading, and please let me know what you think, aaaaa-
So I just found out Snake-Headed Caterpillars are a thing
And they are extremely adorable, aaaaaa-

Just imagine a snake, but with a really tiny body

Here's a picture:

SNEK by SnivyStuff
I really need to start working on Glysterine again
I'll do it later on, I swear on it

i've just been listening to gorillaz and watching cringe comps, i need to do something productive already agh-
"Old Macdonald Had a Farm
and it explodeeeeed"
It's kinda ironic that I've been doing more to help myself get better mentally and physically, and even somewhat succeeding, than my own two parents
My dad doesn't give two shits, he just thinks this will end overnight or in the next couple of days
And my mother's just waiting for the moment until I get into a Day Program, and I'm not getting in one until Monday-
Heck, I've been dragged into situations in which I feel more uncomfortable because of my family, like going out to a restaurant for example-

I don't want to bottle all this shit up inside so it's completely fine if you want to ignore this, aaahfdfdkjgir-


SnivyStuff has started a donation pool!
170 / 500
Started this up-If you want to donate, go for it :D

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